AdvBioFuels is an innovative approach of 2nd/3rd generation biofuels.

Our original approach targets the obtaining of a biodiesel type fuel, which simultaneously exploit both the molasses resulted in the sugar production and the glycerinous waters resulted in the conventional biodiesel technology, into a highly efficient, integrated chemobiocatalytic process.


        A chemocatalytic methodology for obtaining 5-hydroxy-methylfurfural from molasse. Here we will develop a selective catalyst and a way of purifying and stabilizing the product.

        A methodology of assisted biocatalysis using bakerís yeast grown on molasse, to condense the pyruvic acid produced in the metabolism, with 5-hydroxy-methylfurfural.

        A methodology for the acetalization of hydroxymethylfurfural with glycerol, and of the aldole obtained in the previous step with different aldehydes to obtain hydroxy acetals with furanic structure.

        A methodology for enzymatic and chemical acylation of the hydroxy acetals obtained in the previous step, with acyl groups from natural sources, to increase the reduction grade of the derivatized furanic core.

The development of a feasibility study for the obtaining of the advanced biofuel by exploiting the molasses and glycerol resulted as industrial byproducts.