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Contract number 257/2011

National Authority: UEFISCDI




Multifunctional nanostructures formed of gold or silver nanoparticles and different biomolecules with medical applications - NANOMED


Nanostructuri multifuncţionale formate din nanoparticule de aur sau argint şi diferite biomolecule cu aplicaţii medicale - NANOMED 

















·   Objectives

·   Main objectives: ¨realization and characterization of multifunctional nanostructures from noble metal nanoparticles with diverse biomolecules, with applications in nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine ¨development and optimization of new nanofabrication methods for supramolecular polyfunctional systems in aqueous solutions and at the air/water interface, using protein films.  

·   Specific objectives ♦Study of the molecular and colloidal self association and self organization process in aqueous solutions ♦Characterization of homo-molecular interactions in aqueous solutions of BAP protein, collagen or chitosan by spectroscopic, electrical and microscopy methods ♦Research and development of mixed polyfunctional biosystems from BAP protein, collagen or chitosan, in the absence or in the presence of gold or silver nanoparticles ♦ Research and development of mixed polyfunctional biosystems from BAP protein, collagen in presence of anticancer compounds, anesthetics and antioxidants.

·   Main research results. The most important contributions are related to the field of physical chemistry, nanochemistry, biophysics, colloid and interfacial science, nanotechnology and nanomedicine. ¨These include results, findings and discoveries that have led to a significantly better understanding in the field of noble metal nanoparticles, such as gold or silver nanoparticles, synthesis, their characterization and properties related with their self-assemblies in colloidal systems and in thin films, as well as with their functionalization with various organic molecules, such as amino acids (e.g., cysteine, arginine), organic acids (e.g., lipoic acid). ¨Self-organization of gold or silver nanoparticles in complex superstructures with applications in nanodevice manufacturing is in the center of our research interest to better describe their interactions with biomolecules, like proteins, anti-cancer agents, anesthetics or carbohydrates with medical applications in drug delivery systems. ¨The formation of noble metal nanoparticles with wanted shape and controlled size and their stability in colloidal systems and in thin films are deeply explored. ¨Metal nanoparticles, particularly nanogold and nanosilver, can have multiple applications in nanoscience, bionanotechnology and in the realization of medical devices for analytical detection of diverse organic molecules in pharmaceutical and industrial environment as well as for drug delivery systems. ¨The research project brings an important contribution to the understanding of interfacial processes on the base of molecular recognition in biological systems with medical applications.