Novel lipases with usual and opposite selectivity (anti-Kauzlauskas rule) immobilized in different forms, encapsulated whole cell ketoreductase systems with various stereoselectivity as "off-the-self" tools will be developed and different chiral building blocks will be prepared. We are planning to test 5-8 different immobilization techniques that may influence and enhance the productivity, stability, enantiomer selectivity of the applied biocatalyst.The application of enzyme immobilization technologies makes the bioconversation economically feasible and comparable to the synthetic solutions therefore increases the economical benefits. Finally, we plan to develop KITs containing several lipases immobilized in different forms. Development of the so called off-the-shelf products would change the habitual approach of synthetic chemists since the use of such a biocatalyst is easier than a synthetic chemical reaction with the required specifity and selectivity. These enzymes and enzyme products might be superior in synthetic biotransformations over the commercialized thermophilic fungal lipases with respest to the degree of enantiomer selectivity or direction/degree of enantiotopic selectivity.



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