Working on L-128 and L-18

Students are welcome and encouraged to join the laboratory. However, the below requirements should be a priori accomplished:
i) A medium knowledge in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Stereochemistry and NMR methods, medium skills in Organic Experimental Synthesis are basic prerequisites.
ii) A foreign language with acceptable level of writing and speaking: French (is an advantage) and English. German is also considered. Please note that Hungarian is not considered as a foreign language.
iii) Efficient knowledge in PC for Windows.
iv) For Bachelor Degree, a minimum stage of 2 years in L-128 and L-18 must be accomplished. Master and Ph. D. stages should follow accordingly, if appropriate, by mutual agreement.

Please note that stages in L-128 and L-18 are in no case teaching but research and training periods. Applications should be submitted via E-mail directly to Dr. DARABANTU.