NAGY Emöke Iulia

Period: 2010 - present
Qualifications gained during period: Bachelor (2011), Master (2014)


Papers abroad

  1. "Synthesis of Some Selectively N-protected (1S,2S)-p-Nitrophenylserinol Based Diamino-1,3-dioxanes and Tripodands" I. Nagy, O. Moldovan*, F. Popa, P. Lameiras, C. Morar, C. Sacalis and M. Darabantu*
    Synthetic Commun. 2015, 45(20), 2319-2330
  2. "Design, Iterative Synthesis and Structure of Novel Optically Active Trispiro-dendritic Melamines Incorporating "Open-chain" vs. "Closed-chain" Serinolic Peripheral Units" O. Moldovan, I. Nagy, P. Lameiras, C. Antheaume, C. Sacalis and M. Darabantu*
    Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2015, 26(14), 683–701
  3. "Stereochemistry of Six-membered Spiranes Arising from the First Use of a Diaza-trispiro-heneicosane Motif in the Synthesis of a G-1 Dendritic Melamine" O. Moldovan, P. Lameiras, I. Nagy, T. Opruta, F. Popa, C. Antheaume,Y. Ramondenc and M. Darabantu*
    Tetrahedron 2013, 69 (4), 2199 - 2213