The MolMod Lectures 2023-2024

The MolMod Lectures are a series of research-informed on-line and/or hybrid tutorials initiated in 2022 and focused on topics related to Molecular Modeling in Chemistry and Biochemistry. This series of lectures is an extension of the homonymous conference series and MSc programme hosted by the Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB) via its Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (FCIC) since 2007.
The online and hybrid events will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform at UBB

Target audience

The expected target will be the students registered for the MolMod MSc programme at UBB, as well as the general audience typically found at the MolMod conference series.


MML 2022-2023: details
  • The MolMod Lectures

  • Schedule
  • 07.11.2023, 18.00-19.30

    Octav Caldararu

    Computational protein and peptide design
    room 48 and online
  • 28.11.2023, 14.00-16.00

    Dragos Horvath

    Molecular dynamics and docking
    room 97
  • 28.11.2023, 16.00-18.00

    Dragos Horvath

    In Silico Drug Design
    room 97
  • 12.01.2024 14.00-15.00

    Jean-Didier Maréchal

    Modeling the binding of metallic compounds to proteins
  • **

    Aatto Laaksonen

    Advanced course in modern molecular modelling - Module I: introduction to molecular modelling*

    *Event organized independently by the BioMat4CAST project

    Library of the Petru Poni Institute – Main building and online (registration required – see contact info

    ** 25.01.2024, 11.00; 26.01.2024, 11.00; 07.02.2024, 11.00; 21.02.2024, 11.00

  • 26.01.2024 09.00-10.00

    Sotiris Xantheas

    The Many-Body Expansion in Science
  • 11.03.2024 16.00-18.00

    Marius Retegan

    Twin MolMod Lecture:
    - Connecting Structure with Spectroscopy in Photosynthetic Water Splitting: Theoretical Developments and Applications
    - X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy: Experiment, Calculations, and Data Analysis Using Machine Learning
  • 05.04.2024 10.00-11:00

    Marcos Verissimo-Alves

    Catalysis in Thermococcus kodakarensis DNA polymerase
    room 97 and online
  • 24.05.2024 09:00-10:00

    Ana-Nicoleta Bondar

    Graph-based algorithms for dynamic hydrogen-bond networks of membrane receptors and transporters
  • Invited speakers
  • Ana-Nicoleta Bondar University of Bucharest

  • Octav Caldararu Zealand Pharma, Copenhagen

  • Dragos Horvath University of Strasbourg

  • Jean-Didier Maréchal Autonomous University of Barcelona

  • Marius Retegan European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

  • Sotiris Xantheas Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Marcos Verissimo-Alves Lund University and Universidade Federal Fluminense


For any inquieries, please send an email to Prof. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu

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