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Our inter- and multidisciplinary research is located at the intersection of: thermodynamics, chemical structure, surface and colloid science, biointerface science, polymer materials, protein particles, metal particles, lipid and protein nanostructures, self-assembled films, Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films, thin film engineering and supramolecular multifunctional materials technology.


Research projects:


Scientific research projects and grants (only  from 2005 - )


• National Projects

• Coordinated Projects


1)  5 (CEEX) /2005; 2005-2008

Strategies of interfacial nanofabrication in research and development of some novel functional nanomaterials and plan supramolecular structures for nanotechnology and nanodevices (NANOIN)

      • Scientific coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel

• Romanian ACADEMY

2)  127 (Academy) /2005; 2005-2006

Thermodynamic and kinetic study of the formation of nanostructured systems at interfaces. Theory and experiments.  

      • Scientific coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel

• CNCSIS Grant
3) 178 (CNCSIS) /2005; 2005-2007
Research and development of some nanostructured systems with applications in biomolecular recognition at fluid interfaces. Modelling and experiment.

      • Scientific coordinator: Conf. Dr. Aurora Mocanu
• CNCSIS Grant

41312 (CNCSIS) /2006; 2006-2008

Research and development of some nanostructures of biological interest. Organization of nanoparticles in complex superstructures with applications in nanosciences.

      • Scientific coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel


• Partners to other Projects


5)  59  (CEEX) /2006; 2006-2008

New ionomer biocompozites based on modified polialchenoic acids with resins and surface active glasses with multiple applications in medicine (IONPOL)

      • Scientific Research Team Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel (UBB)


               • The Second National Plan  (PN_2)

6) OSMOCEL, no. 41-050/2007, 2007 – 2010
Methods and technologies based on molecular and cellular medicine with applications in surgery and treatment of bone cancer, bone metastases and osteo-articular lesions.
      • Scientific Research Team Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel (UBB)

7) BIOAMBREG, no. 31- 039 /2007, 2007- 2010
The development of ecological products from biodegradable materials, designated for realization of packages and protection elements.
     • Scientific Research Team Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel (UBB)


               • The Impact Program and ANCS to Access European Structural Funds

8) NABISUM, no. 994 /2007, 2007- 2012
Realization and development of a research, development & innovation platform dedicated to nanobiostructures and multifunctional supramolecular systems.
     • Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel

NABISUM project together with another 3 projects from UBB were admitted for European Structural Funds in the 2007 competition. Using these 4 projects at UBB, it was written a unique project, namely the 2007 RICI project: “Integrated Network of Interdisciplinary Research”, no. 89, based especially on the feasibility studies already realized for the four admitted projects. RICI project jointly with the said 4 projects accessed 15 millions of Euro. The structural funds were used to purchase the top state of the art instruments, like HR-TEM, SEM, FT-Raman, Mass spectrometer, RMN, RES, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Fluorescence microscopy, MRI, XRD with elemental analysis and more, that were placed in different research laboratories in UBB.