Titular Members of Research Center in Physical Chemistry (CECHIF-UBB)

  1. Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel

  2. Conf. Dr. Ing. Firuta Goga

  3. Lector Dr. Ing. Lucian-Cristian Pop

  4. Conf. Dr. Aurora Mocanu

  5. Conf. Dr. Ing. Maria Gorea

  6. Lector Dr. Ing. Csaba-Pal Racz

  7. Lector Dr. Ing. Csaba Varhelyi Jr.

  8. Asist. Cercet. Dr. Ing. Ioan Petean

  9. Prof. Dr. Ossi Horovitz

10. CP I Dr. Virginia Maria Coman

11. Conf. Dr. Ing. Vasile Miclaus

12. Conf. Dr. Cristina Teodora Dobrota

13. Lector Dr. Liviu-Dorel Bobos

14. Asist. Cercet. Dr. Ing. Alexandra Avram

15. Asist. Cercet. Dr. Gertrud -Alexandra Paltinean

16. Asist. Cercet. Drd. Reka Balint

17. Drd. Ing. Chim. Madalina Anca Ujica

18. Drd. Cristina-Roxana Popa, MD




PhD students associated at - chemistry doctoral school - UBB

in grace period, year IV – VII, approved by UBB

PhD Thesis - in progress -

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel


1. Drd. Ing. Chim. Levente Racz
2. Drd. Ing. Chim. Julia Bartha

3. Drd. Chim. Rozalia Mintau

4. Drd. Diana Florea, MD

5. Drd. Vancea Iulia Maria, MD


A)  Collaborators from Cluj-Napoca, Romania /  published scientific papers/  scientific research projects - partnership/ equipments purchase form projects; collaboration agreement


I. Institute of Chemistry Research „Raluca Ripan” (ICCRR)

from Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB)

1. CP1 Dr. Ing. Maria Pojar-Fenesan, DIRECTOR of the  ICCRR Institute

2. CP1 Dr. Ing. Cristina-Alexandra Prejmerean, Institutute ICCRR


II. Faculty of Biology, UBB:

3. Prof. Univ. Dr. Lucian Barbu- Tudoran,

4. Prof. Univ. Dr. Horea Banciu


III. Faculty of Physics, UBB:

5. Prof. Univ. Dr. Simion Astilean,

6. Prof. Univ. Dr. Vasile Chis, 

7. Prof. Univ. Dr. Onuc Cozar,  

8. Prof. Univ. Dr. Leontin David,

9. Prof. Univ. Dr. Nicolae Leopold


IV. University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu”, of Cluj-Napoca (UMF)


10. Prof. Univ. Habil. Dr. Gheorghe Tomoaia, MD

11. Conf. Univ. Dr. Horia Benea, MD 

12. Conf. Univ. Dr. Gabriela-Bombonica Dogaru, MD

13. Lector Univ. Dr. Mihaela Jianu, MD

14. Lector Univ. Dr. Marius Bud, MD

15. Asist. Univ. Dr. Daniel Oltean-Dan, MD


V. Oncology Institute of Cluj-Napoca

16. Dr. Olga Soritau, MD


VI. Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TU).

17. Prof. Univ. Dr. Ing. Liviu Miclea 

18. Prof. Univ. Dr. Ing. Catalin-Ovidiu  Popa

19. Prof. Univ. Dr. Ing. George Arghir, Member in the Technical

      Sciences Academy


VII. University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca (USAMV)

20. Prof. Univ. Dr. Gheorghe Rapuntean

21. Conf. Univ. Dr. Sorin Rapuntean


VIII. National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca (ITIM)

22. CP1 Dr. George Borodi

23. CP1 Dr. Ioan Bratu

24. CP1 Dr. Valer Almasan

25. CP1 Dr. Mircea Bogdan

26. CP1 Dr. Calin Floare


IX. Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation - ICIA of  Cluj-Napoca

27. CP I, Dr. Cecilia Roman

28. CP II, Dr. Oana Cadar  


X. Environment Agency

Collaboration in EEA/NO Research program (2019)

29. CP I, Dr. Liana Muresan


XI. Etnographic Museum of Transylvania from Cluj-Napoca
30. Dr. Ing. Chim. Daniela Vasilica Pop-Toader


XII. BENEROM-IMM, from Cluj-Napoca

31. Dr. Ing. Chim. Gligor Oltean-Dan

32. Director Ing. Eugen Bodea



33. Dr. Corina-Lacramioara Garbo

34. Dr. Ioana Maria Hodisan, MD, UMF


B) Overseas Collaborators / scientific publications /  research projects / bilateral collaboration programs / exchange of Conferinte Keynote/ participation at scientific competitions  


1. King’s College, Universitatea din  Londra (UL), UK.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter J. Quinn, King’s College, University of  London (UL), UK. Expert in Physical Biochemistry, Biophysics and biologic membrane Models; Research project: UL-UBB. Over 30 scientific papers published together.


2. Boulder University, Colorado, SUA

Univ. Prof.  Dr. Veronica Vaida, Boulder University, Colorado, US, Expert in Physical Chemistry,  Environmental Chemistry and Aerosols, Langmuir-Blodgett technique; experience exchange in Physical Chemistry Centre, CECHIF- UBB


3. Rice University Rice, SUA

Dr. Oara Neumann, Rice University, US. Expert in the nanoparticles synthesis and characterization with medical applications, Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy; experience exchange in Physical Chemistry Centre, CECHIF-UBB.


4. Aristotle University , Thessaloniki (UAT), Greece

Prof. Dr. Traianos Yupsanis, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, (UAT) Greece, Expert in proteins Biochemistry. Collaboration agreement between UAT and  UBB, Physical Chemistry Centre, CECHIF  (AC-UBB-UAT). Scientific publications. Scientific research visits.


5. Aristotle University , Thessaloniki (UAT), Greece

Prof. Dr. Michael Moustakas, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece, Expert in Environmental Sciences and Plants physiology; AC-UBB-UAT. Scientific research visits.


6. Aristotle University , Thessaloniki (UAT), Greece

Prof. Dr. Avranas, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece, Expert in Physical Chemistry; AC-UBB-UAT. Scientific publications. Scientific research visits.


C) Collaboration in EEA/NO Research program (2019)

Research program between CECHIF-UBB and SINTEF, of Trondheim, Norvegia. From Norway were participated:


7. Dr. Mariann Sandsund,

8. Dr. Alain Ferber, 

9. Dr. Hilde Faerevik,

10. Dr. Marion O’Farrell,

11. Dr. Ole Kjos,

12. Dr. Kari Anne Bakke Hestnes,


D) Joint research program, in the European Nanomedicine platform. NanoForOsteo Project nr. 4-005 (2013-2017) contained 5 research units from 4 countries: Switzerland, France, Latvia and Romania;

- it represents the first multi-disciplinary (trans national) research project of UBB - included in the European Nanomedicine platform (2013) - which was developed in Physical Chemistry Research Centre , Director la UBB: Prof. Maria Tomoaia-Cotisel 


13.  Dr. Mauro Alini, AO Research Institute, Davos Platz, Switzerland

14.  Dr. Matteo D’Este, AO Research Institute Davos Platz, Switzerland

15.  Dr. Alain Largeteau,  Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de  Bordeaux,  France
16. Prof. Dr. Gerard  Demazeau,
Bordeaux  University, France

17.Prof. Dr. Janis Locs, Institute of General Chemical Engineering, Riga Technical University, Latvia

18. Prof. Dr. Liga Berzina-Cimdina, Institute of General Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry, Riga Technical University, Latvia

19. Dr. Dagnija Loca, Institute of General Chemical Engineering, Riga Technical University, Riga Biomaterials, Innovation and Development Centre, Riga, Latvia