Innovative services towards the society


Based on the specificities of the research and development activities and the existing infrastructure we offer services useful in:

  • molecular cloning; protein engineering; recombinant protein expression in E. coli, protein isolations/purifications
  • enzyme activity / protein stability assesments
  • protein-labeling, development of protein-ligand conjugates
  • biocatalyst engineering for requested biotransformations
  • development of robust, immobilized biocatalysts dedicated for requested reactions
  • gram-scale production of optically pure aromatic secondary alcohols, amines, diols, β-hydroxycarboxy acids, acyloins and their derivatives, aromatic α- and β- amino acids
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex organic mixtures, including biological extracts
  • method-development for stereoselective synthesis of chiral organic compounds

The services are part of the research services offered by the InfraChem-FCIC infrastructure platform of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (FCIC) at Babes-Bolyai University. (