HeAD OF LABORATORY: Professor Ionel Cătălin POPESCU

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Laboratory of electrochemical research

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Adress                                  Laboratorul de Cercetări în Electrochimie

Facultatea de Chimie şi Inginerie Chimică

Str. Arany Janos 11, RO-400028 Cluj-Napoca






Ionel Cătălin Popescu



Liana Maria Mureşan


Assoc. Prof.

Petru Ilea


Senior Researcher II

Virginia Danciu


Senior Researcher III

Veronica Coşoveanu


Assist. Prof. Engineer

Adrian Nicoară


Assist. Prof. Engineer

Graziella Turdean


Assist. Prof.

Sorin Dorneanu


Assist. Prof.

Delia Gligor


PhD student

Ioana Ladiu


PhD student

Cosmin Coteţ


PhD student

Izabel Peter


PhD student

Anca Peter


PhD student

Vasile Coman


PhD student

Laura Mureşan



Research topics


(1)               Electrode materials for electrochemical sensors/biosensors


(i)             Obtaining and characterization of non-conventional electrode materials, exhibiting electrocatalytic activity and selective recognition properties, for sensors or biosensors construction.

(ii)           Electrochemical nanostructures prepared by self-assembling (on Au), electropolymerization (on carbonaceous materials) and adsorbtion (on conventional electrode materials)

(iii)          C aerogels prepared by sol-gel method and supercritical drying

(iv)         Composite materials based on polymeric matrices containing zeolites, carbon or TiO2 aerogel, noble metal particles and redox mediators

(v)           Electroactive bicomposites incorporating enzymes, cofactors and mediators


(2)               Theoretical and practical aspects of metal electrodeposition


(i)             Investigation of the electrodeposition mechanism of some metals of practical importance (Cu, Zn, Pb, Mn) using modern electrochemical techniques (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, chronoamperometry, hydrodynamic voltammetry etc.)

(ii)           Theoretical and practical aspects of electrowinning, electrorefining and electroplating of metals


(3)               Inorganic and organic electrosynthesis


Study of fundamental and practical aspects related to the obtaining of some compounds used in environmental protection (H2O2) and other fields (aromatic diamino and aminopiperasine derivatives)


(4)               Photo(electro)catalysis


(i)             Photodegradation of organic pollutants on high surface catalysts (titanium dioxide aerogels)

(ii)           Photodegradation of organic compounds on semiconducting oxides thin films (TiO2)



Scientific collaborations

·      Laboratoire d’Electrochimie et Photochimie Redox, “Joseph Fourier” University, Grenoble, France

·      Laboratoire d’Electrochimie et Phisiochimie des Materiaux et Interfaces, Institut National Polytechnique, Grenoble, France

·      Laboratoire Interfaces et Systemes Electrochimiquee, “Pierre et Marie Curie” University, Paris, France

·      Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Lund, Sweden

·      Department of Analytical Chemistry, University Alcala de Henares, Spain

·      Department of Physical Chemistry, University “Eotvos Lorand” Budapest, Hungary

·      Department of Chemistry, University “Tor Vergata”, Roma, Italia

·      Department of Physics, Brooklyn College of CUNY, New York, USA




(1) Electrode materials for electrochemical sensors/biosensors

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(2) Theoretical and practical aspects of metal electrodeposition

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(3) Inorganic and organic electrosynthesis

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(4) Photo(electro)catalysis

1.     I. C. Ladiu, V. Danciu, V. Cosoveanu, P. Lianos, “Pure and doped mesoporous TiO2 films made from reverse micelles and their use for photocatalytic

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     Timisoara, Series Chemistry, 2003, 12, 1029.



Research equipment

Computer controlled potentiostat (AUTOLAB 10, ECHOCHEMIE, The Netherlands)

Computer controlled flow injection setup

Rotating disk electrode and rotating ring disk electrode (RADIOMETER, Denmark, 10000 rpm)

Computer controlled electrochemical quartz microbalance

Computer controlled electrochemical impedance spectroscopy setup

Electrochemical reactor with plan-parallel electrodes

Supercritical point dryer SAMDRI-PVT-3D (TOUSIMIS, USA)

UV photodegradation installation